8 Common Reasons Why Women Divorce

Statistics show that one in three marriages end in divorce. Some may feel a pang of sadness hearing this fact. It definitely is tragic that many marriages fall apart, there are many societal and relative factors to explain why women divorce.

Others may feel that it is a sign of people choosing a happier route in life. Marriage is definitely not for everyone, at least there is an option for those in unhappy marriages to lead a better life. When thinking of sad things such as divorce, it helps to consider the silver lining!

Women choose to divorce just as often as men do. The common reasons why women divorce tend to overlap with men’s reasoning for divorce. Regardless of the sex of the person in the marriage, at times things can’t be reconciled in a relationship ultimately leading to divorce. Below is a list of the eight most common reasons why women divorce:

Reason 1 – Infidelity

As you can probably understand, infidelity is a common reason for women to divorce. This reason is perfectly valid! Women don’t want to feel used or unimportant in their marriages which leads to divorce.

Sometimes infidelity occurs in marriages but the couple finds a way to move past it. Although, in the future, these issues can reappear, especially if the woman never got closure or fully forgave their spouse. This can cause a delayed marital breakdown.

Reason 2 – Varying Long Term Life Goals

Marriage is a unity of two people’s lives, having the same long term goals is absolutely important! Often differences in long term goals can involve children, living location and careers.

Sometimes women don’t want to give up on their long term dreams and that is perfectly okay. Although, the result is usually divorce because it is so challenging to share a life with someone who doesn’t want what you want.

Reason 3 – Lack of Communication or Poor Communication

As the old saying goes, communication is key! Lack of communication means that married couples aren’t working through their issues, and it’s often one of the common reasons why women divorce, especially after a bad argument.

Women usually have a need to talk through problems otherwise they never obtain closure. Men often bottle things up and are okay not to talk about issues. Since the needs of the relationship aren’t being met for the woman because of lack of communication, divorce is likely.

Poor communication, such as constant arguing or subtle jabs, also can lead to divorce. No one wants to come home to someone who will argue with them without ever resolving the actual issue.

Reason 4 – No Intimacy

Women have needs too, and a lack of intimacy is often one of the reasons why women divorce. Women tend to desire an active sexual and intimate life with their partner in marriage. Over time, this can become challenging in marriage for the male partner to fulfill. Women often seek a sex life outside of marriage if they aren’t getting it at home. This usually leads to a marital breakdown, as you can probably imagine!

Reason 5 – Lack of Common Interests

When you get married, you’re essentially spending your whole lives together. If you don’t have many interests in common, problems can arise. One person wants to go this way and another person wants to go that way, there’s not much more to it!

Some couples are perfectly okay with their spouse engaging in their hobbies without them. Others can become jealous or dissatisfied if their partner doesn’t do things regularly with them. It all depends on the people and the marital atmosphere.

Reason 6 – Mental Illness

Spouse or not, living with someone struggling with mental illness is tough. It can be really hard to watch your partner suffer in depression, while also not being satisfied with the relationship because your needs aren’t being met. It can be horrible to leave someone already in a predicament, however, sometimes it’s necessary to protect your own well being.

The good news is, many divorcees tend to stay in touch if mental illness is the cause of divorce. Usually the mental illness is the problem, not the person. For this reason, divorcees can still maintain some sort of friendship after divorce. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone as every instance is unique.

Reason 7 – Physical Abuse

Definitely one of the most tragic reasons for divorce is physical abuse. It is completely understandable that a woman would initiate divorce if she is being physically abused. Emotional abuse is a close cousin to physical abuse and another reason for divorce.

Reason 8 – Misconduct or Perceived Unacceptable Behaviour

What might be acceptable to one party in a relationship may not be acceptable to the other. Misconduct in a marriage can come in many forms, emotional, physical or financial are all common. Usually misconduct causes arguing down the road because the spouses cannot agree on how something should be handled.

Often, people overlook the importance of discussing perceptions on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in a relationship. It can definitely be easy to miss this discussion, especially in the early years of the relationship when couples feel lovey dovey! However, in marriage, these differences absolutely come up and can cause a marital breakdown.