4 Technical Services Provided By Modern Locksmiths

When a key is lost, or a lock is damaged, a trip to the local locksmith is usually quick to follow. Locks, locking mechanisms and the keys that open them have existed since the earliest periods of human history as an essential and irreplaceable security tool.

Over countless years, locks have continued to grow more complex and secure, without sacrificing their reliability or ease of use for the average person. Although they often appear simple on the surface, many locking mechanisms are quite complex, and any minor changes to the device or its key can render it inoperable.

As locks remain nearly omnipresent as security devices in day to day life, it’s important to know where to find a local locksmith, and what services they can provide. The most common services provided by many locksmiths are keying and lock replacement services, but there plenty of other reasons to call one as well. Below, we’ll highlight several other services a locksmith may be able to provide.

1. 24 Hour Emergency Services

Getting locked out of your car or house is a stressful enough experience as it is, but getting locked out in the middle of the night is an entirely different matter. When a key is lost or a lock fails late at night, there are usually very few solutions available. Sometimes, however, waiting until the morning simply isn’t an option, and this can lead people to damage their own property in an effort to regain access.

Although it’s uncommon knowledge, many locksmithing businesses actually provide 24-hour emergency service. Before allowing stress to set in, or worse yet, damaging your property, always check to see if any local locksmiths are able to step in and help you out.

Upon confirming your identity and ownership of any given property, a 24-hour emergency locksmith can quickly assist you with replacing a key, unlocking a home or vehicle, repairing a lock, or otherwise accessing your property. Emergency locksmiths are trained to deal with both vehicle and home security systems in addition to their locks, and as a result, are often the best people to call when disaster strikes at an inopportune time.

2. Home Rekeying and Lock Replacement Services

When moving into a new home, one of the first things a homeowner should do is have their locks rekeyed or replaced. Keys are frequently copied, and it’s impossible to know that nobody else has a copy of the keys to your new home. It’s usually not necessary to replace a lock entirely, and most locks can be rekeyed inexpensively.

Rekeying a home is as simple as calling a locksmith, who can then disassemble and repin each lock, as well as provide new keys cut specifically to fit with the new lock pins. Occasionally, replacing an entire lock may be a good idea, or even necessary, but rekeying will almost always be sufficient.

3. Home Security Installations

Electronic home security systems have seen increasing use in recent years largely due to their effectiveness in protecting both a home and its residents. There are countless electronic security systems available, but one feature common to many systems is door and lock integration. Installing an electronic security system is a difficult and time-consuming task, and requires professional experience to do so correctly.

Some locksmiths choose to specialize in these types of security systems and are capable of installing and repairing them. Locksmiths that specialize in electronic systems are capable of evaluating the security needs of a home, and installing the right system to meet them.

4. Window Locks

The main locks that come to mind in a home setting are ones located on doors and garages, particularly ones providing access to the home from outside. Although door locks are in many ways the lynchpin of a home’s security, window locks are also important, and yet frequently forgotten. Although window frames often come with integrated locks built in, the locks are sometimes of dubious quality. Some of the built-in locks are of acceptable quality, however, so it’s best to have a Locksmith examine the locks of each window in a home, and only upgrade those that are in need.

The above services are just a few examples of what a locksmith may be able to do for you. Different locksmiths may specialize in different skill sets, so it’s important to ask questions about how they may be able to help you. Essentially, if you need assistance with anything involving a lock, odds are, a locksmith may be just the right person to call.