4 Features Your Smartphone App Definitely Needs

To keep up with the changing times as well as your competition, you decide to have a website created to advertise the products and/or services you have to offer. While this is a big step, due to the prevalence of smartphones you should also have an app developed so potential customers can check you out on the fly.

Having a smartphone app developed by a professional app developer company is a significant move in the right direction, but it is not enough just to have one. It needs to have certain things to be beneficial to you. Below are 4 things that your smartphone app definitely needs to have.

1. Minimal ads

Selling ad space on your website or app is a great way to generate some extra revenue. However, it can be difficult to find a happy medium. Too many ads will make your app look cheap and make navigation difficult. Too few ads will not make the venture worth-while for you.

If you are wanting to have ads on your app, it is recommended that you have a few carefully placed on the page. Doing so will allow you to generate some profits if/when visitors click on them yet they will be displayed in a way where they will not get in the way of what the user wants to accomplish.

2. Functionality

As stated previously, some businesses feel that a website informing the public of products and services is beneficial, but not enough to have a meaningful and lasting impact. Your app must be functional and offer something to visitors or it will be ultimately useless.

If you are a store that has merchandise for sale, have an online store within your app allowing visitors to make purchases. If you are a restaurant, allow visitors to make orders for either pickup or delivery. Functions such as these will keep customers coming back as opposed to just being a resource with product or service information and your locations.

Also, make your app with as little amount of clutter as possible. You want things to be easy to find. Research has shown that if a user has to click more than 3 times when navigating an app, they will get frustrated, exit out, and will be reluctant to return.

3. Updates

You may think that apps are easy to create and release and for some people they are. However, it is not a set-and-forget process. Apps take a great deal of monitoring and updating to prevent problems regarding functionality and security.

If you have a smartphone app, you should be looking at ways to update it constantly. These updates can help you perform upgrades on the app’s interface, protect against security threats that are constantly surfacing, and add new features and information as required. Without updates being performed periodically, your app will become stale and undesirable to most users as well as unusable if falls victims to security threats and viruses.

4. Contact information

As a business you need to stand behind the products and services you sell. Therefore, it is advisable that you provide your information on your app so customers can contact you with any comments, questions or concerns. This includes your phone number, address, and social media platforms.

Having your contact information on your app provides customers with an easy way to look up how you can be contacted. Doing so also shows you that you are open to hearing from customers and want to hear about their experiences with your products or services. This in turn will allow customers to have trust in you and they will more than likely turn to you for their future needs.