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Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore

VP & GM Credit Americas at PayPal Washington, DC LinkedIn Profile   The central theme of “helping people in their financial lives”  repeatedly came up during our conversation.  Why is this your personal mantra? My passion for helping people achieve financial health stems directly from my own experience growing up.  I watched my parents struggle to make ends meet, leveraging credit cards to survive, and then eventually getting stuck in a vicious cycle that took…


Tahira Dosani

Director of Portfolio Engagement at Accion Venture Lab Washinton, D.C. @tahiradosani  | LinkedIn Profile During our interview you mentioned you “allow yourself to be opportunistic”.  What did you mean by this? We’re taught to make plans. It’s generally nice to have a sense of what’s ahead and where you’re going. Uncertainty is uncomfortable, especially when it comes to our careers. But there’s also a lot to be said for not being so set on a…


Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley

  Global Business Development Head at Coinsecure Washington, D.C. @etmccauley  |  LinkedIn Profile You studied political science and began your career in DC.  What sparked your interest in bitcoin? I received my undergrad degree in political science from Wheaton College in IL. Soon after graduating, I started working on Capitol Hill for a member of congress. I had the privilege of handling middle eastern policy issues and have always had a personal interest in the…


Jackie Hyland

Investment Associate at Accion’s Venture Lab Washington D.C. @jackie_hyland  |  LinkedIn Profile Can you please provide an overview of Accion and your role at Venture Lab? Accion is a non-profit organization that’s invested in and supported microfinance institutions for over 40 years. In 2008 and 2012, Accion expanded its investment activity and created two new globally opportunistic investment initiatives that would invest in early stage companies “beyond microfinance” and within a general financial inclusion thesis….