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Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore

VP & GM Credit Americas at PayPal Washington, DC LinkedIn Profile   The central theme of “helping people in their financial lives”  repeatedly came up during our conversation.  Why is this your personal mantra? My passion for helping people achieve financial health stems directly from my own experience growing up.  I watched my parents struggle to make ends meet, leveraging credit cards to survive, and then eventually getting stuck in a vicious cycle that took…


Chris Cherewan

Startup Accelerator Program Manager at Wells Fargo Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota LinkedIn Profile  |  Wells Fargo Accelerator You grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. How did this shape you in your career? I seem to have inherited the drive, intelligence, risk taking, as wells as a ‘what could be’ take on nearly everything. I grew up as one of four children. I was the first born of the next generation in my family and a woman….


Beth Shah

Head Of Business Development at Digital Asset Management New York City, New York @Beth_Shah  |  LinkedIn Profile What did you study at university and did you always want to go into Financial Services? I always wanted to be sports journalist and so I studied English Studies as it was the best path forward, despite the fact I was probably better at mathematics and the sciences. However, becoming a sports journalist as a woman isn’t the easiest…

Cecelia Alvarez

Ana-Cecilia Alvarez

Investor, Propel Venture Partners San Francisco, California @acalvarez03 | LinkedIn Profile Tell us about Propel Venture Partners, and how you became involved. Propel Venture Partners is a $250M global fund focused on investing in companies looking to rethink and rebuild the financial services industry. I joined the team when it was still BBVA Ventures, BBVA’s corporate venture arm. Before joining the fund, I was deciding between a few VCs in the Bay Area, with some…


Chitra Dorai, PhD

IBM Fellow, VP & CTO Cognitive Services at IBM New York City, New York @ChitraDorai  |  LinkedIn Profile Your name means ‘painting’ in Sanskrit.  How prophetic was this considering your history of data visualization? The meaning of my name has definitely been prophetic, considering ‘paintings’ and the like sparked my interest from a very young age and seamlessly aligned with the trajectory of my career. All my life I’ve been fascinated by images, both still…

Tasnia Huque FTL

Tasnia Huque

Venture Investment Associate at Cue Ball Capital Boston, Massachusetts @tasniahuque | LinkedIn Profile You grew up in Bangladesh.  How did this experience shape your view of financial services? It did not. I didn’t internalize what “financial services” meant until I got to the United States. My parents and relatives are all in core science academia, so I did not have internal family dinners grooming me on that topic either. But I was curious about how…


Tendű Yoğurtçu (PhD)

General Manager, Big Data at Syncsort Incorporated New York City, New York @TenduYogurtcu  |  LinkedIn Profile At what point did you realize you wanted to be an engineer? I didn’t necessarily think of it as becoming an engineer. My favorite subject was mathematics. I grew up in a family where education was valued above everything, and creativity was encouraged in every aspect of daily life. My father, who was a mathematician, always brought me building…


Ginger Schmeltzer

Owner and Principal at GDS Advisors, LLC Atlanta, Georgia @gschmeltzer  |  LinkedIn Profile How did you go about deciding on a career in Financial Services?   It happened by accident, really.  I got a job out of grad school working as a consultant for a boutique payments consultancy, Edgar, Dunn & Company.  I never really looked back after that – I found the payments industry fascinating and loved working in a space that all of us deal with in our…


Carolyn Homberger

Group President – ACI On Demand at ACI Worldwide Naples, Florida @PaymentsChic  |  LinkedIn Profile Please describe your role at ACI. I am Group President for ACI On Demand (AOD), which is one of 3 P&Ls (Operating Divisions) at ACI Worldwide, a leading global provider of payments and banking solutions.  I am a member of our Executive Leadership Team and report directly to our CEO.  In my role, I am responsible for growing and operating ACI’s Platforms…

Hanna Zubko

Hanna Zubko

Co-Founder & VP of Business Development, IntellectEU Inc New York City, New York @hanna_intellect | LinkedIn Profile What was your experience like growing up in the Ukraine, specifically concerning STEM studies? Ukraine has a very powerful educational system for high level mathematics, computer science and engineering. Given that students start working as early as their first or second year of their bachelors’ degree program, a twenty year old university graduate in computer science is often considered…