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Céline Lazorthes

Founder and CEO at and MANGOPAY Paris, France @CelineLz  |  LinkedIn Profile Congrats on the success of both Mangopay and  Why do you believe the companies resonate so well with your customers? In both cases, I believe our offer answered a need that hadn’t been addressed. I founded in 2009 after having struggled to gather money for a college week-end. I thought it would be so much easier to collect funds online and created the…

Rebecca M

Rébecca Menat

Director of Communications at The Assets Paris, France @RebMelMen  |  LinkedIn Profile I started working at The Assets as the Content Director of the company – which means I’ve been in charge of writing and curating content delivered across various channels – and I have recently been appointed as the Director of Communication. How would you characterize the FinTech / start-up scene in Paris as compared to London, Berlin, or New York City? Admittedly, the Parisian startup…