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7 Benefits of Formal Risk Management

Risk management involves identifying, analyzing, and addressing risks in business. The process also includes the coordination and application of resources to monitor, control, or eliminate the probability that unfortunate events—or risks—will negatively impact the organization. Risk management is thus key to the success and growth of a business and the attainment of business goals and project goals. It’s valuable to implement a formal risk management program in an organization, which is why so many business leaders are taking risk…

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4 Important Guidelines About Car Rental Insurance

There may be times that you will need to rent a car. There are of course many reasons for doing so. You may not have a car, your car may be in the workshop or perhaps you are in a different province or even a different country. Car rental insurance can be tricky. Some people take a chance by not getting it and everything is fine. Others do this too, but Lady Luck isn’t so kind and they end…

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How to Win A Malpractice Suit Filed Against You

If you are a doctor or medical practitioner, you can have a malpractice lawsuit filed against you at any time. By the age of 65, at least 70% of practitioners in low-risk medical specialties have been sued. 99% of medical practitioners in high-risk specialties have been sued by the time they attain the same age. Here are specific steps you can take to strengthen your medical malpractice defense. 1.    Contact Your Insurer   If you have a hunch that…

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