While technology and business models are changing fast, the issue of gender diversity – particularly at senior leadership levels – is still lagging behind.

Innotribe has partnered with Sam Maule from Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group and Christine Duhaime from the Digital Finance Institute to publish their findings on gender diversity within the financial industry in an important paper entitled “Power Women in FinTech: Bridging the Gender Diversity Gap”. Drawing on existing research to highlight the reality of today’s situation in FinTech and providing recommendations to achieve and accelerate greater gender balance within the industry, the Inforgraphicpaper also presents a global index of over 400 Power Women in FinTech. It includes women at various levels of management, commending the positive impact of those who are driving the FinTech ecosystem. A selection of interviews and profiles was released alongside the index, highlighting and celebrating the success stories of just some of the inspiring women who are acting as role models to others.

The paper was launched on Wednesday 3 June 2015 at Digital Finance 2015, the first Canadian FinTech conference in Vancouver and is downloadable here. It is a compelling read for anyone involved in the financial industry!

Serving as an eye-opener on the gender diversity gap, the paper was released in advance of the debate that will continue at Sibos, an annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised by SWIFT for the global financial industry. This year, the event will take place in Singapore from 12-15 October, and diversity will be one of the main topics covered by Innotribe (you can access our 2015 programme here). A number of the inspirational leaders featured in the index will be involved in the Innotribe sessions throughout the week, stimulating the debate and facilitating action within the financial community.

The extremely positive feedback received after this initial paper demonstrates the industry needs to recognise female leaders as mentors and role models, and ensure their voices and views are heard. Since June, Sam Maule has been conducting an impressive number of interviews highlighting success stories of power women coming from various FinTech companies and banks, growing the index to more than 800 women across the world. This website is dedicated to these women.

It is a pleasure for Innotribe to be part of this project and we would like to thank Sam and Christine for their hard work and dedication.

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  • Liesl - 1 year ago

    Love your site
    we have a tech startup in Johanessburg and would love to find out how to get closer

    • Sam Maule - 10 months ago


      You can interview Ghela Boskovich (ghela@femtechglobal.com) and she will provide the details.


  • Ella - 1 year ago

    Dear team,

    For our next conference we are looking for female speakers. So far we have the group head of innovation at UBS. We choose “female speakers” this time because of team’s suggestion but it is not easy to find them. In case you have one in your mind, I would be very thankful for the introduction.

    Thank you and best regards,


  • Laura - 1 year ago

    Listening to Breaking Banks- great to hear that there is an organization highlighting women in fintech and the need for diversity.

  • Amy Harms - 1 year ago

    Worldremit is a leading Mooney transfer fintech company based in !London. We have a female CTO and Eng leadership team that is 50/50 gender diverse. I be!ieve being outside SV helps with this diversity. As well as our mission to change the 3rd world economically. We value difference here.