9 Business Office Decorating Ideas For Her

As you already know, the office is a place for getting things done. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manipulate the office space to promote productivity in employees? As a matter of fact, you can with the help of office decorations!

With the right office decorating ideas implemented, the placing of furniture, decor and design of an office space all have an impact on the happiness and satisfaction of employees. Content employees means they will be more motivated to get work done. If you’re unsure of this fact, consider the industrial office buildings from the 1990s filled wall to wall with cubicles. No wonder those employees were so miserable!

Thankfully, the industrial feeling offices from the 1990s were left in the 1990s. Today, there are a number of innovative things you can do to brighten up your office space. Below is a list of nine business office decorating ideas for women in the workplace:

Idea #1: Use Your Vision or Mission Statement as Decor

Sometimes, employees forget the vision and mission of their company. Afterall, it’s not something an employee thinks of everyday, especially if they’re caught up in tasks not directly related to the company’s dream.

Vision and mission statements are meant to inspire employees and customers. If the mission and vision statements are used as decor, not only will this make your office unique, it will inspire anyone who walks into your office space!

Idea #2: Paint a Room or the Office Space Green

As a general rule of thumb, anything green is considered a good office decorating idea. Science has proven that the colour green has many powers on our productivity. For some reason, green makes us want to work more efficiently and effectively. Why not use the power of green in your office to your advantage?

Perhaps the whole office doesn’t need to be painted green from floor to ceiling, but consider painting a board room, accent wall or individual offices green. Green also matches a lot of other colours nicely if you want to mix and match paint!

Idea #3: Hire a Local Artist

Do some research on local artists in your area, you might be surprised at the amazing talent you’ll find! Narrow down your options to an artist that suits your company and office style. In addition to gaining an artistic masterpiece, you’ll be giving back to the community which is a great feeling!

Idea #4: Mirror Power

Installing mirrors are great office decor ideas for her (and him!) Mirrors can do wonders for any space, including offices. They can make spaces appear bigger than they are while also making the atmosphere more open, welcoming and inviting. As an added bonus, your employees won’t have to run to the bathroom everytime they need to double check their appearance before an important meeting!

Idea #5: At Least One Piece of Funky Furniture

To avoid your office from appearing bland and lame, have at least one piece of funky furniture. An exotic piece of furniture is eye-catching and exciting to look at which is what you want people to think of your office!

Good ideas for fun furniture pieces are rugs, side tables, couches and armchairs. Remember, you need the desks, chairs and other furniture that employees will be using on a regular basis to be practical and functional. Don’t make this furniture your funky piece!

Idea #6: Use Your Brand’s Colours in the Design

Synchronizing your business brand colours with your design is such a creative office decorating idea! Incorporating the brand’s colours into your office space is a creative way to reflect what your company does and what you stand for. You can use your brand’s colours via paint, decor, furniture or virtually anything else that fits into an office space!

Idea #7: Use Dividers, Not Cubicles

Thankfully, the office design trend has moved away from cubicles to open office concepts. While an open concept office feels much more airy and free, employees still need their desks and privacy to get stuff done. This is where office dividers come in.

Set up people’s desks as you like and divide spaces using dividers. Try your best to find a happy balance between openness and functionality for your employees. Finally, you can have a lot of fun with the design of the dividers. The material and design options are virtually endless!

Idea #8: Prioritize Natural Light Over Office Lights

It’s not likely that there is a soul out there who favours office lighting over outdoor lighting! Any space, office or not, can be drastically improved by using natural light. Also, you can have a lot of fun with windows and window coverings as a part of your design!

Idea #9: Let Employees Personalize Their Space

The last thing you want is for employees to feel like they’re in a cookie cutter job and they must conform to others. After all, everyone wants the opportunity to express themselves, even at work.

The best thing you can do is take charge of the shared office space design and basic employee office spaces. Leave the rest up to the employees, they’re bound to have some style you never even thought of before!