9 Best Power Tools for Women to Use

As a woman, maybe the idea of going to the hardware store to shop for power tools sounds intimidating. This doesn’t mean that you should stay away from power tools: if you know you need them around your home or to work on a specific project, you need to find the right ones for you.

While women can use the same power tools as men, it can be difficult for them to do so since those tools are generally heavy and bulky. Power tools for women do exist, but don’t worry, they are not pink and cute! They have simply been designed to be lighter and to fit better into the hands of women.

Here are a few examples of power tools for women you could need for different purposes.

1. Oscillating and rotary power tools

Oscillating tools and rotary tools, also known as multi-tools, could be all that you need if you don’t have a lot of storage space to keep different power tools.

You can achieve many things by simply changing the head of your multi-tool. Depending on the kit you purchase, you could use a straight blade, a round blade, a sanding attachment, a drill bit, a grinding stone, and more.

2. Cordless drill

Everyone should own a cordless drill. Whether you use it to hang a large picture frame or to build a custom shelf, this convenient tool will not let you down.

Choose a cordless drill that is powerful, but lightweight. Some cordless drills for women feature a removable battery pack that you can attach to your belt, which makes the drill lighter and easier to use.

3. Cordless screwdriver

A cordless screwdriver could also be useful power tools for women, especially if you feel like your hand just isn’t strong enough to tighten screws properly, or to loosen them. This power tool will give you some extra strength.

Your cordless screwdriver should have a compact handle that fits comfortably in your hand, and allows you to reach screws located in tight spaces.

4. Impact driver

If you have already been in a situation where a drill was not strong enough for the job to be done, or where you were not able to remove a stuck bolt with a standard socket wrench, you should consider getting an impact driver.

An impact driver is a power tool that delivers rotational blows that maximize the torque of the tool. They are often used for light automotive work.

5. Jig saw

A jig saw should be in your power tool arsenal if you want to cut straight lines, curved lines and openings in pieces of wood. Jig saws can be used for many different projects, and they are easy to use.

Choose a jig saw that is not too heavy. One that has a top handle will probably be easier to use with precision while keeping your hands safe.

6. Circular saw

If you want something more powerful than a jig saw to cut through wood, a circular saw could be what you need. This power tool can be corded or cordless, and can be used with either a toothed blade or an abrasive disc.

Circular saws can be very dangerous if they are not being used properly, so make sure you choose a quality one that offers a great performance, and learn how to use it safely. Choose the right type of blade for the job to be done.

7. Mitre saw

A mitre saw, also called a chop saw, is a type of circular saw that is mounted to allow you to make a quick crosscut on a piece of wood, at a selected angle. They are usually portable, and easy to use.

This power tool is not made for cutting long lines, but for cutting mouldings and trims. They can also be used for creating picture frames.

8. Sander

Using sandpaper to smooth down a surface can take forever. It can also be rough on your hands. If you need a more efficient option, get an electric power sander.

This power tool will make it easy to achieve a smooth finish, and you should be able to find one that fits comfortably in your hand. They are excellent power tools for women to own.

9. Laser level power tools

Finally, if you want to be sure the things you build or hang on a wall are level, you could get a laser level instead of relying on a regular one.

When you hold your laser level in the right position, it will shine a straight line on the wall, or on any surface you are working on. Some models can even shine more than one line, depending on your needs. This is more simple than using a regular level, where you have to keep an eye on a bubble moving in a small tube of fluid to find out if a surface is straight.