8 Types of Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assault may be defined as any unwanted sexual attention. There are many ways in which one may be sexually assaulted. Below are the different types of sexual assault cases.

1. Stranger Rape

In stranger rape, the assailant is unknown to the survivor. Basically, rape is sexual intercourse without the consent of the other person. Women are more prone to this type of assault since they can easily be overpowered by the person doing the act. For example, you could be walking home from work and someone attacks you from behind, covering your mouth so that you do not scream and then forces himself on you.

For such perpetrators, they almost always use assault objects like knives or guns to coerce their victims to cooperate. This is not to mean that men do not experience this type of assault. However, it is rare, and most of the time they are usually held hostage for some time.

2. Child Sexual Abuse

The perpetrator in a child sexual abuse is often an adult who takes sexual advantage of a child. There are various ways in which a child is sexually abused. This includes pressuring a child or a teenager into sexual activities, indecent exposure of genitals to a child, exposing a child to pornography, physical contact with a child’s genitals, or using a child to make pornographic films.

When a child is sexually abused, they may become depressed, suffer from PTSD, or have an inclination to being victims again during adulthood. A child may also be sexually abused by a family member such as an uncle, father or cousin.

3. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is characterized by violence, abusive, and intimidating behaviour in a relationship. It may be sexual, physical, or emotional. How does one get sexually abused in a relationship, you ask? Well, if a woman’s right to consent is overlooked, what results is not lovemaking; it is sexual assault or rape.

A study showed that about 45 percent of rape occurred between people in relationships, and most of the time it does not catch the attention of police like other forms of rape. Often, domestic violence is meted on women, but there are few isolated cases where men have been victims.

4. Elderly Sexual Assault

This is sexual assault against people who are sixty years and above. Almost always, victims of such crimes are weakly, frail or have minimal functionality. In most cases, the caregivers assigned to take care of them are the perpetrators. The assailants view these elderly people as easy prey.

They also bank on the fact that some of them do not have any member of their family near them. This type of assault can happen anywhere, but it has often been reported in nursing homes. The family of such a person should be extra vigilant and watch out for any telltale signs of this abuse.

5. Groping

Someone is groping if they are touching and inappropriately fondling the other person. Groping is very common, especially in the office environment. Some employers are notorious for groping their employees. They do this thinking the employee would probably not report the matter, and actually, in most cases employees are too afraid of losing their jobs to report such incidences. Fondling involves touching someone’s buttocks, breasts, thighs, or the vulva. For men, it is usually the penis and testicles that get groped.

6. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment may be defined as sexual bullying, intimidation or coercion. Here’s an example of how one may be sexually harassed is: an employer promises to promote you in exchange for sexual favours. Such cases are very rampant in the business, banking, trading and financial sectors. Studies show that 21 percent of men fall victim to such harassments compared to 79 percent of women. In 51 percent of all these cases, the perpetrator is usually a supervisor.

This is one of the most prevalent types of sexual assault cases in the workplace, so you should contact a professional lawyer and seek their expert advice.

7. Acquaintance Rape

This is a type of rape where the perpetrator is known to the victim. The assailant may be a coworker, dating partner, an ex, or a friend. Acquaintance rape is commonly referred to as date rape. It is very common among cultures that uphold gender inequality and customs where violence is generally accepted.

8. Mass Sexual Assault

This type of assault occurs in crowded public areas. The assailants in such sexual assaults could be a group of men who turn on a woman or women. The assault could be in the form of groping, stripping, beating, or raping. This typically results in self-blame, anxiety, shame, nightmares, depression, and loneliness for the victim.

It is common for people who have been sexually assaulted to blame themselves. However, it is never the victim’s fault. Once you have been assaulted, report the matter to the relevant authorities to prevent the assailant from sexually abusing another person and to ensure you get the justice you deserve.