6 Ways Your Business Can Improve Customer Service

Customer service is an often overlooked way of improving your business. Finding ways to serve the people that support your business is essential for longevity. Supporting your customers can give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Here are six different things you can do to improve your customer service!

1. Equip Your Team With The Right Tools

As a customer, feeling like you’re not being helped is extremely frustrating. A lot of companies expect their team to help their customers without giving them access to the proper tools. Not having the proper information results in a lot of situations where your team genuinely doesn’t have the answer for a frustrated customer.

You can change this by making the first line of contact with your customers all about information gathering. The more details you have about your client’s problems, the easier it’s going to be to help them. It’s also worth ensuring your team has access to information about your products or services that they can use to be helpful to your customers.

2. Use Your Customer’s Language

Part of good customer service is making communication clear and easy. Using the same language as your customers will prevent misunderstandings. Stay away from technical jargon and use the more casual terms that your customers are likely to be familiar with. Sending out automated messages to support inquiries or after a purchase is convenient, but they often come off as robotic. Try and use a personable tone that acknowledges your client as a person, not just another support request.

3. Find Ways To Respond Positively To Requests

Making simple changes to the language you use can be the difference between creating a positive or negative interaction. The difference between telling a customer “I can’t do that” and giving a detailed explanation is night and day. Rather than focusing on what can’t be done, train your team to steer the conversation towards the things they can do to help your clients. Even if you have disappointing news, focusing on what actions you’ll take to help will lead to a positive interaction.

4. Try And Increase Your Response Time

You can make clients feel heard by addressing their complaints right away. The faster you can make the first contact, the better. However, it’s important not to sacrifice speed for quality when it comes to customer service. The first communication with your clients is essential and can’t be disregarded. Using live chat functions or getting your clients to answer detailed questions before contacting support can increase your response times and accuracy.

5. Keep Your Office Clean

Office cleaning is an essential factor that determines the experience your clients have with your company. Keeping a clean office is a difficult task in addition to all your other responsibilities.
Hiring a commercial cleaning company relieves the burden and ensures your office is welcoming to all people. Having a clean office is essential for good first impressions and creating a sense of professionalism.

6. Use A Considerable Tone During Text Communication

Tone is something that often gets misinterpreted when communicating by email or text. Using templates is useful for giving your team a base to work from, but you absolutely need to personalize your messages to your clients. It’s also important to avoid words like “actually” or short responses which can be interpreted as passive-aggressive.

Use these tips to help you have better interactions with your clients. Keep in mind that most company’s don’t make their clients feel heard. Using these six tips will give you an advantage over your competitors when it comes to the relationship you have with your clients.