6 Ways a Mascot Can Improve Your Brand

Branding has become a critical business practice due to the growing saturation of markets and globalization trends. There are a wide variety of ways a company can use branding to their advantage in today’s world of business, it really depends on what the company wants their brand to communicate to customers.

Mascots are an effective way to build and promote your company’s brand for many reasons. Typically, mascots are known for their fun, creative and human characteristics which can really boost a company’s brand. Below are six ways a mascot can improve your brand.

1. Product Branding

Mascots are a niche of sorts within the branding techniques and concepts world. For this reason, it is not always necessary or effective to use a mascot for an entire company. Instead, mascots can be used for specific products or product lines within a company.

In fact, some companies are so large that different sectors of the company have different brands and mascots. Use of unique, individual mascots can help differentiate the products the company offers on the market, in a way, using only one mascot can limit your business. Using a variety of mascots is wise because you will appeal to the masses which will improve your overall brand related to a variety of products.

2. Bring Logos to Life

Logos have their purpose in the world of branding, but nothing brings a brand to life like a mascot. Because mascots breathe life into logos, they are often considered to be more fun and outgoing which is attractive to customers. Generally speaking, the best mascots are overdramatized people or animals that are humorous and lively.

3. Quick Recognition

A very important characteristic of a brand is instant recognition, mascots can help improve the recognizability of your brand. Mascots are known to be large, bright, bold and colorful which helps people put a literal face to the brand.

In addition, mascots tend to have a persona which helps people relate to your brand through the character you’ve created. Be sure to breathe life into your mascot, otherwise customers won’t be able to connect as easily to the brand which impacts the recognizability.

4. Uniqueness and Distinction

Since the economic industry as a whole is fairly saturated today, applying uniqueness and distinction to a company’s brand is crucial. Mascots are known for their originality and outwardness, fortunately this helps provide uniqueness and distinction to a company’s brand in a broad market.

5. Emotional Connection

Studies have shown that humans are hard-wired to see the human side of things, as opposed to considering other perspectives. As humans, we like to assign human characteristics to animals and objects because it helps us form an emotional connection to them. Essentially, if we have similarities, it is easier for us to understand them.

Because of our human tendencies, it is obvious why mascots are so effective when it comes to branding. They are a simple way to enable humans to develop an emotional connection with the mascot’s affiliated brand.

6. Engage Your Audience

Customers often feel intimidated or distant from flat, faceless corporate logos which can prevent a conversation between customers and the company. Mascots literally put a face on your brand which is much more approachable and friendly. Customers are much more likely to engage with the brand and company when they feel comfortable.

However, it’s important to note that a mascot on its own isn’t enough. The personality and life of the mascot is particularly important if your goal is to engage your audience. Without it, your customers may not feel a connection causing them to pull away.