6 Different Types of Electric Bikes

There are many benefits to using an electric bike, or “e-bikes”, as opposed to a car, public transportation, taxis or rideshare apps. For one thing, you save a lot of money because biking of any kind is free.

You don’t even need a licence or insurance to ride an electric bike, the only cost is the initial purchase of your bike. By biking, you stay in shape too, but if you get tired, the electric motor is there to help you out.

Below is a list of six common electric bikes on the market and a description to help you decide what electric bike is best for you.

1. Hybrid or City Bikes

Any bike that is a combination of a regular bike with an electric motor is known as a hybrid or city bike. As the name implies, these bikes are ideal for city dwellers that are going to be biking around a metropolitan area. The bike’s structure and motor is perfect for city terrains.

If you are looking for a bike with a strong motor and the ability to go on rough terrains, this type of electric bike is not for you.

2. Cruiser Bikes

Sometimes referred to as beach cruisers or motorbikes, a cruiser bike has balloon tires, an upright seat and a straight steel structure with creative, expressive style. These bikes are meant for leisurely biking, such as in a beach or park.

The form of these bikes is ideal for long distance but relaxed biking. If you’re looking for a bike that can handle heavy terrain and can go quickly, this isn’t the bike for you.

3. Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are equipped with a light yet sturdy frame and wide deep-treaded tires. These features allow the rider to bike off-road on a variety of terrains without sacrificing durability or performance.

These bikes can be used on regular flat roads as well, however, they are truly meant for off-road biking. If you’re looking for a bike to ride casually or within city or town limits, this is not the bike for you.

4. Folding Bikes

To facilitate transportation and storage needs of bike riders, folding bikes fold into a compact form, just as the name indicates. When these bikes are folded up, they can be carried easily making them ideal for carrying through buildings and on public transportation. These bikes are also perfect for individuals with small living quarters or wish to store their bike in their car, boat or plane for travel purposes.

Generally, these bikes have similar features to hybrid bikes as folding bikes are also meant for cities. These bikes are not ideal for vigorous or off-road biking.

5. Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are off-road bikes that have oversized, wide tires that are designed for low ground pressures. These bikes allow the rider to bike on soft, unstable terrain like snow, sand, bogs and mud.

Fat bikes are meant for more experienced bikers that are used to riding on difficult terrain. These bikes are definitely not meant for inner city or town bikers.

6. Cargo Bikes

Also known as freight bikes, carrier cycles, box bikes or cycle trucks, cargo bikes have a compartment that the rider uses to transport loads. You may have seen people selling popsicles in the summer out of one of these!

These bikes are best for anyone looking for extra storage space on their bike for any purposes. Although, it makes the bike a lot more bulky which can make storage and transportation difficult at times. If you don’t need extra storage space on your bike, this bike isn’t ideal for you.