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Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore

VP & GM Credit Americas at PayPal Washington, DC LinkedIn Profile   The central theme of “helping people in their financial lives”  repeatedly came up during our conversation.  Why is this your personal mantra? My passion for helping people achieve financial health stems directly from my own experience growing up.  I watched my parents struggle to make ends meet, leveraging credit cards to survive, and then eventually getting stuck in a vicious cycle that took…


CEO Confidential

By Michelle Moffatt and Amy Ciolek Picture this… You are at a work function or out at a dinner party with friends, and someone asks you, ‘what do you do’? Do you: A)   Mumble something hardly audible because you feel a little awkies because in reality you are the big boss running the show B)   Add words like; ‘just’, ‘only’, ‘small’ or ‘little’ to describe your empire that is minting it C)   Proclaim proudly and…