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Chris Cherewan

Startup Accelerator Program Manager at Wells Fargo Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota LinkedIn Profile  |  Wells Fargo Accelerator You grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. How did this shape you in your career? I seem to have inherited the drive, intelligence, risk taking, as wells as a ‘what could be’ take on nearly everything. I grew up as one of four children. I was the first born of the next generation in my family and a woman….

Rachel Barnes 2

Rachel Barnes

Global Innovations, Operational Efficiencies, and Diversity & Inclusion Programs Leader London, United Kingdom  LinkedIn Profile Your career in banking started out in recruiting, and ended up as head of transformation/innovation. How did your time in HR influence your views on how to best tackle system transformations? Although business transformation is perceived as organisation and processes, in reality it always comes down to inspiring the leaders and staff to motivate them to thrive and change. My…

Bianca Lopes 1

Bianca Lopes

Vice President Strategic Marketing & Global Alliances, BioConnect Toronto, Canada @biasmlopes | LinkedIn Profile Your career started in tech, transitioned to banking, and now you’re back on the tech side of financial services. What prompted the pivot? I think I always knew I wasn’t destined to work in one industry, the idea of being in a one track mind sort of race never appealed to me. When I look at my first jobs I worked…

Helene Panzarino profile

Helene Panzarino

Fintech Relationship Professional, Investment Readiness Consultant – ‎Karma Kreations Ltd London, United Kingdom @HPanzarino  | LinkedIn Profile You’re often described as a serial entrepreneur. When did you first realize you had a knack for building businesses? It was while I was building someone else’s business! Through a series of coincidences, I found myself tasked with building the overseas sourcing arm of a US software house that really wasn’t getting any traction, as well as having…


Beth Shah

Head Of Business Development at Digital Asset Management New York City, New York @Beth_Shah  |  LinkedIn Profile What did you study at university and did you always want to go into Financial Services? I always wanted to be sports journalist and so I studied English Studies as it was the best path forward, despite the fact I was probably better at mathematics and the sciences. However, becoming a sports journalist as a woman isn’t the easiest…

Ruth Handcock

Ruth Handcock

Chief Customer Officer, Tandem Bank London, United Kingdom @RuthHandcock | LinkedIn Profile   You’ve had an interesting career path – from working at a charity in West Africa to now being Chief Customer Officer at Tandem Bank. How did that happen? My career has been really varied, by virtue of picking jobs that I find interesting as opposed to trying to curate a particularly conventional CV. I figured out that my ideal roles tend to be fast…

Cecelia Alvarez

Ana-Cecilia Alvarez

Investor, Propel Venture Partners San Francisco, California @acalvarez03 | LinkedIn Profile Tell us about Propel Venture Partners, and how you became involved. Propel Venture Partners is a $250M global fund focused on investing in companies looking to rethink and rebuild the financial services industry. I joined the team when it was still BBVA Ventures, BBVA’s corporate venture arm. Before joining the fund, I was deciding between a few VCs in the Bay Area, with some…


Chitra Dorai, PhD

IBM Fellow, VP & CTO Cognitive Services at IBM New York City, New York @ChitraDorai  |  LinkedIn Profile Your name means ‘painting’ in Sanskrit.  How prophetic was this considering your history of data visualization? The meaning of my name has definitely been prophetic, considering ‘paintings’ and the like sparked my interest from a very young age and seamlessly aligned with the trajectory of my career. All my life I’ve been fascinated by images, both still…