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Elli Androulaki, PhD

Researcher at IBM Research Zurich, Switzerland @elli_androulaki  |  LinkedIn Profile When did you come to the conclusion that you wanted to be an engineer and what drove your interest in this field? Engineering has always fascinated me. My father is an engineer, and I guess he inspired the engineering spirit in me. In school I’ve always enjoyed Math and Physics more than any other class. After getting a glimpse of computers at school, I decided to study…


Natasha Kyprianides

Head of Digital Banking & Innovation at Hellenic Bank Nicosia, Cyprus @natashakyp  |  LinkedIn Profile You stated “I’m a musician at heart.”  What type of music style are you drawn to?  How did this love of music evolve into a career in financial services and tech? If we just rewind back to my childhood, at age 6, that’s when I had first decided to express my strong interest in music. It was at this tender age…


Viola Llewellyn

Co-founder and Global Chief Operations Officer at Ovamba Solutions, Inc. Chevy Chase, Maryland @VALlewellyn  |  LinkedIn Profile “My mother had two separate culture meltdowns.  Each of these impacted me profoundly.”  Can you please explain this statement you made during our interview. I was born in London and spent my childhood there.  One day when I was 11 or 12 years old my mother became worried that we would grow up too “white” with no sense of…


Claudia Chiaraluce

Head of CEE Learning & Development at UniCredit Bank Austria AG @cchiaralux  |  LinkedIn Profile Vienna, Austria  |  Milan, Italy Can you please provide an overview of your role at UniCredit. At UniCredit I covered multiple roles in areas from planning & control to innovation. I created “Idea Sharing”, the first internal online platform for ideas & best practices, I managed UniCredit Fintech Accelerator program and I led many initiatives to spread innovation culture. I’m currently in…


Gabrielle Patrick

Co-founder at Epiphyte. London, England @EpiphyteCorp  |  LinkedIn Profile You originally studied law and worked in the insurance industry.  How did you become such an active voice in cryptocurrency? Many of us in this space originate from the gaming industry with a virtual currency background.  I first got involved with virtual currencies in 2007 from an institutional perspective on cyber gaming and fair trade and was awarded an International Bar Association scholarship for this work. …


Mandy Simpson

Chief Operating Officer at NZX Limited Wellington, New Zealand @mandysimpson  |   LinkedIn Profile You are originally from the UK.  What prompted the move to New Zealand?  And how hard was it to be away from family? I made the move initially for lifestyle reasons. I was spending at least 3 hours a day commuting in London and just felt like I was wasting so much time. I spent some holiday time in New Zealand, fell…


Dani Townsend

Global Head of Marketing at Earthport London, United Kingdom @danitownsend_  |  LinkedIn Profile You are the first Tasmania we’ve interviewed for this series.  What was the experience like growing up in Tasmania? I am honoured! Tasmania was a great place to have grown up for so many reasons. It’s a beautiful place; very clean and green with down to earth people and close knit communities, just like any other small place; wherever you live everyone…


Rut Prada

Director, Innovation Area at Santander Group Madrid, Spain @bancosantander  |  LinkedIn Profile Can you please provide an overview of your role at Grupo Santander? I work in the Innovation Area of Grupo Santander designing and building new customer solutions aimed at building the Bank of the Future thru Design Thinking, Agile Developments and Lean Startup approaches. My role is to identify, develop and test new solutions within and outside the financial industry, that combined in…


Arifa Khan

Managing Director at Genius Incubator |  Founder at FinTech Storm London, United Kingdom @misskhan  |  @FintechStorm  |  LinkedIn Profile You grew up in rural India. How did your early years shape your character in the challenges you had to meet head on in your early education and career choices?  My early upbringing was a unique combination of peace and quietude and glamour. I was the first born in a traditional conservative Muslim family and was…


Tahira Dosani

Director of Portfolio Engagement at Accion Venture Lab Washinton, D.C. @tahiradosani  | LinkedIn Profile During our interview you mentioned you “allow yourself to be opportunistic”.  What did you mean by this? We’re taught to make plans. It’s generally nice to have a sense of what’s ahead and where you’re going. Uncertainty is uncomfortable, especially when it comes to our careers. But there’s also a lot to be said for not being so set on a…