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NYC Meetup

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Have you ever read about someone and thought how great it would be to actually meet them, have a conversation with them, bounce an idea off them? I certainly have. In fact, those thoughts happened every single time I read a profile of the amazing women featured in What started as a whisper grew into a roar – it demanded an answer, it was impossible to ignore, and it was holding me accountable. Out…


Paulina Sygulska

Director and co-founder at GrantTree London, United Kingdom @Payah  |  LinkedIn Profile How did come up for the original idea for GrantTree?  Seven years ago I was working on a startup incubation project and learnt a lot problems young companies were facing, most of them on the finance side. And the answer was usually this: as soon as we raise angel/VC we will be fine (which is obviously a juicy piece of startup bullshit, it’s with an…


Guste Sadaunykaite

Brand and Marketing Communications Manager at TransferGo London, United Kingdom @Guste_FlaGeolet  |  LinkedIn Profile You grew up in Lithuania yet went to university in York, England and San Diego.  Is this approach to ‘world studies’ one you would recommend for others? Short answer would be – yes, absolutely! At the same time I understand that studying and/or living abroad is not necessarily for everyone, as it requires a certain level of maturity and confidence. When I moved…


Jackie Hyland

Investment Associate at Accion’s Venture Lab Washington D.C. @jackie_hyland  |  LinkedIn Profile Can you please provide an overview of Accion and your role at Venture Lab? Accion is a non-profit organization that’s invested in and supported microfinance institutions for over 40 years. In 2008 and 2012, Accion expanded its investment activity and created two new globally opportunistic investment initiatives that would invest in early stage companies “beyond microfinance” and within a general financial inclusion thesis….


Nasreen Quibria

Founder and Managing Director at Q Insights Boston, Massachusetts @nquibria  |  LinkedIn Profile Can you elaborate on the ‘Q’ connection in your company’s name? Back in the late 90s like everyone else I jumped on the tech bandwagon. I worked for a start-up firm focused on artificial intelligence. One of my colleagues and founders nicknamed me “Q” from the James Bond movies. Like the character I was an integral part of driving pioneering innovations – along…

C A F É C A F É (2)

Marta Krupińska

 GM & Co-Founder at Azimo London, United Kingdom @mmeentrepreneur  |  LinkedIn Profile What makes Azimo unique in the FinTech ecosystem? All great ideas come from big problems or big opportunities, and luckily Azimo is a response to both. Azimo is a platform to send money online that changes the way people send money home. Our online platform enables European migrants to send money to over 190 countries around the world, in 70+ different currencies. It…


Louise Dahlborn Samet

Group Product Manager at Klarna Stockholm, Sweden & San Francisco, California @louisesamet  |  LinkedIn Profile   Please describe your ‘journey’at Klarna. I started at Klarna back in 2010 in the Technical Sales department with another colleague. It was a completely new team at the time. I ran one major project –the integration of a northern European book giant called Adlibris – and a few smaller ones before moving to Germany in January of 2011 to build…


Kelli Shultz

Owner, Kelli Schultz Consulting Board Director at Allied Payment Network Advisory Board at Dragnet Solutions, Inc. Co-founder & Director of Strategic Sales at Venminder (fka Digital Compliance) Louisville, Kentucky @kellischultz3  |  LinkedIn Profile So what have you been up to lately?  A little over a year ago I decided to step out of the sort of operating management roles I’ve held for most of my career.  It’s been a breath of fresh air.  I’m mostly in advisory roles, working…

EmmaLI (2)

Emma Lindley

Founder at Innovate Identity London, England @EmLindley  |  LinkedIn Profile What makes Innovate Identity unique in the FinTech ecosystem? After almost 20 years working in technology I founded Innovate Identity back in 2012 to address the requirements of online companies around compliance requirements like Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer, fraud prevention and organisations increasing need to balance this with a good customer on-boarding experience. We’re a team of online identity and regulatory experts providing…

Be your own champion

Be Your Own Champion

We interviewed TransferGo’s Communication Manager Gustė Sadaunykaitė earlier this year for this series.  We came across this outstanding blog post by Gustė and asked for her permission to post a link.  We know you will enjoy this link and her own FemTechLeader interview (coming soon).