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Sophie Bialaszewski

Head of Innovation Culture, Events & FinTech Collaboration at Lloyds Banking Group London, United Kingdom LinkedIn Profile What has been your experience like so far at Lloyds and their Innovation Team? It’s an exciting time to be in financial services and in the FinTech capital of the world, London. That’s why I wanted to move into financial services and specifically why I wanted to work for Lloyds Banking Group which has 11 million customers online, 6…


Angela Ceresnie

Co-founder and COO at Orchard Platform New York City, New York @aceresnie  |  LinkedIn Profile You have the pedigree many on Wall Street would be envious of: Masters in Engineering from University of Michigan and over 7 years working for two high profile Wall Street banks in the City. Yet you walked away voluntarily. How did you come to this decision? During the time I discovered Marketplace Lending, I was running the Small Business underwriting…


Rashee Pandey

Marketing and Communications Manager at Bankable London, England @rasheepandey  |  LinkedIn Profile Can you please tell us a little about your role at Bankable. At a start-up, no day is the same! I work within the Product Strategy and Commercialisation team, where I am responsible for defining Bankable’s communication strategy and executing all internal and external communication activities such as participating in events, preparing periodic investor newsletters etc. I ensure that Bankable’s reach is far…


Duena Blomstrom

Founder & Owner of DB Consulting @DuenaBlomstrom  |  LinkedIn Profile London, United Kingdom You are good friends with Andra Sonea from Lloyds.  You both are originally from Romania, both have successful careers in FinTech, both profiled as part of this initiative, and both were rather blunt on your experience as a women in this industry.  What has been your personal experience as a strong, outspoken woman in Financial Services?  What impact does growing up and…


Neira Jones

Consultant, Speaker, Board Member, NED | Payments | Digital Innovation | Cybercrime | Security | Fraud London, England @neirajones  |  LinkedIn Profile You encompass the term ‘personal branding’.  What makes you unique with respect to your participation in the FinTech ecosystem? I don’t think I’m unique at all! Perhaps I stand out more than some – and certainly less than others –  due to the fact that I like engaging publically and I’m not averse…


It is always your turn in digital

As a senior female leader in the digital world it’s difficult to avoid thinking about gender politics, even when you don’t want to. We like to believe the world has changed for women and it has most definitely. I could tell you some stories from early in my career that would probably draw a gasp. This would be cathartic for me but not entirely relevant! However, having worked in digital and technology during most of…


Ghela Boskovich

Director, Global Strategic Business Development & Marketing at Zafin Salt Lake City, Utah and London, England @Ghela_Boskovich  |  LinkedIn Profile You’ve spent your formative years in both Geneva and in Salt Lake City.  How did this multi-cultural background impact your career choices? I did split my time between very different cities, very different cultures that in terms of energy are polar opposites (although both landscapes have some striking similarities). Each one sort of requires slipping into…


Alix Murphy

Senior Mobile Analyst at WorldRemit London, England @AlixinLondon  |  Linkedin Profile Please tell us a little about your role at WorldRemit. As senior mobile analyst, I help build and support our commercial relationships with telecoms operators around the world, particularly for our Mobile Money partnerships. Prior to joining WorldRemit I worked on Mobile Money and digital identity initiatives at the GSMA, the global telecoms industry association, advising mobile operators on new commercial opportunities. My background also helps…

Female Fintech


By Jessica Ellerm This week, along with some Tyro colleagues, I attended a SheSay’s event in Sydney titled ‘The Business of Negotiation’. It was a great night, with plenty of free flowing sparkling wine, convivial conversation and delicious, complimetary canapés, the latter a very welcome relief after a day of missed breakfast and no lunch (money saving tip #1, network more). As you may have guessed gauging by the name of the host, the event was populated almost entirely by women,…


Claire Rogers

Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation for the Retail Bank of ANZ. Melbourne,  Australia LinkedIn Profile What led you into a career in Digital? I spent nearly four years working in Europe around 2000, based in London, at the time when the Euro currency was launched – an exciting time participating in the formation of  a new market!  As a consumer in the UK I enjoyed the online purchasing experience while I lived there, the like…