12 Best Jobs for Women of All Ages

Nowadays, women can take any job due to the equality laws and since the feminist movement that initiated in the 1960s. Over the years, there are less and less of the gender gap for specific male-dominated roles. Today, women are entering construction, engineering, military, technology and even becoming CEOs of companies. More women are pursuing a college degree and moving on to higher qualifications.

There is no reason why women are not suited for leadership roles. The women have proven to nurture their careers and balance their family life at the same time. Nevertheless, there are specific jobs that suit women more such as nursing, human resource and childcare. It is always good to consider these suited professions for advancement opportunities.

1. Nurse

For many years, nursing was one of the best jobs for women. This is because a woman is more suited to offer dedicated care for patients and to make sure the patient wards are kept clean. Nurturing was always a trait associated with women and therefore was needed for a nursing role. Back in the day, nursing was probably the only profession women could consider. Today, however, many men are entering this profession, but it still remains a suitable very viable employment option for women.

2. Childcare

Women have children. This is one of the main reasons they are perfect for a childcare profession. They understand children and how to manage a growing child’s needs. They are naturally better at this profession and are likely to succeed in providing quality childcare.

3. Teacher

Teaching was once a career for men, but as gender equality began to grow, women started investing in a teaching career. Teaching children especially their own has always been viewed as a woman’s responsibility making this profession suited for her.

4. Human Resources

Many reports have shown that there are more women in the field of human resources. It has to do with certain traits that make them suited for this role especially when handling people. They have a special knack for understanding people, being sensitive to others and offering advice. Another critical factor is multitasking that women are successful with. Human Resources require effective multitaskers capable of managing people, training, employee engagement and HR challenges.

5. Lawyer

Some may argue that the legal profession may not be suited for women due to the long hours, controversies and amount of research required. However, entering into a legal profession is very rewarding especially when the lawyer can help his or her client. Today, women are becoming associates and partners at many law firms.

6. Doctor

In earlier years, becoming a doctor was very difficult for women as they were stereotyped as housewives. Even when they entered the workforce as a doctor, they were viewed with skepticism. Currently, though, women are a large proportion of medical graduates. The increase in women joining this profession started in the 1960s. Women prefer this profession as it offers a high salary, prestige and independence.

7. Dental Hygienist or Dentist

Women are suited for dentistry as it is an ideal caring profession especially since women are caring by nature. Women can manage their time, deal with all types of patents and discuss treatment plans in great detail. They also say that women have smaller hands making them well suited for this profession.

8. Librarian

Working at a library is a position that women can easily associate with because it involves helping people find information. It can also be a great part-time role for women who would like to spend more time at home with their kids. Additionally, this profession involves less stress and more quiet time at the library. Being a librarian is a good job for women of all ages, but it’s a great job especially for older women.

9. Fashion Designer

Women love dressing and wearing different colored outfits. They always want to look and feel their best when they are out socializing or even shopping. Women in earlier times were sewing and making their dresses. This factor is one of the main reasons why fashion designing works well for women and especially those trained as a seamstress.

10. Psychologist

A career in the field of psychology has significantly increased for women. There are many specialized areas within this field such as clinical, forensic and developmental. Psychologists are growing in demand for companies, clinics and hospitals which is why this profession can help women advance in their careers.

11. Secretary

A secretary or even executive assistant job are in abundance. Over the years, women have always been secretaries which is why this trend continues. However, organizations today are helping secretaries move into more prominent roles such as an office manager or administrative coordinator.

12. Hostess

For many airlines and hotel receptions, hostesses are women. It all has to do with the fact that women are preferred for these roles. This trend is changing as nowadays men are entering this profession as well. The advantage though is that women will find it easy to be hired as an air hostess or guest service agent at a hotel.