Of cargo ships & sailing boatsHow Digital Transformation & Fintech can drive inclusion & shift the diversity debate

Of cargo ships and sailing boats – How the digital transformation and FinTech can drive inclusion and shift the diversity debate

By Elizabeth Lumley Originally published on LinkedIn    Claudia Coppenolle Director, Chief Digital Office at Deutsche Bank London, United Kingdom @CHonerlage |  LinkedIn Profile One of my life’s great joys is getting to sit down, have a chat and listen to the wide of range of stories and viewpoints and experiences of people in this industry. Recently, I sat down with my good friend Claudia Coppenolle, banker, blockchain enthusiast, FinTech maven and all around awesome woman to talk…

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Silvia Mensdorff

General Manager Europe Banking & Processors at ACI Worldwide The Hague, Netherlands @silviamendsdorff  |  LinkedIn Profile Can you please provide an overview of your role at ACI? I am General Manager at ACI Worldwide and am responsible for our networks and processors segment across Europe which includes companies like WorldPay, Amex and Mastercard. ACI offers payments software and technology solutions for these companies. All of my clients are going through a time of change and…


Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore

VP & GM Credit Americas at PayPal Washington, DC LinkedIn Profile   The central theme of “helping people in their financial lives”  repeatedly came up during our conversation.  Why is this your personal mantra? My passion for helping people achieve financial health stems directly from my own experience growing up.  I watched my parents struggle to make ends meet, leveraging credit cards to survive, and then eventually getting stuck in a vicious cycle that took…


CEO Confidential

By Michelle Moffatt and Amy Ciolek Picture this… You are at a work function or out at a dinner party with friends, and someone asks you, ‘what do you do’? Do you: A)   Mumble something hardly audible because you feel a little awkies because in reality you are the big boss running the show B)   Add words like; ‘just’, ‘only’, ‘small’ or ‘little’ to describe your empire that is minting it C)   Proclaim proudly and…


Maria Jose Jorda Garcia

Head of Customer Experience Transformation at BBVA Madrid, Spain @mariajosejorda  |  LinkedIn Profile You started your career in nuclear research in Geneva.  What led to your interest in financial services? My contribution to CERN (European Center of Nuclear Research) in Geneva lasted four years. It happened in parallel with the IT boom or dotcom bubble, back in 2001. At that time all sorts of engineers were needed to bring technology to companies and enhance operational…

Hazel Moore

Hazel Moore

Chairman & Co-Founder, FirstCapital London, England @hazel_moore  | LinkedIn Profile You’ve garnered accolades for your work in Private Equity, but you didn’t exactly plan on being in finance. You studied Natural Sciences at University. How did you wind up in finance? I started in finance by chance really. I had a degree in sciences, but through a series of circumstances I found myself in Hong Kong and I needed a job. As Hong Kong is…

Amy Lenander

Amy Lenander

Chief Marketing Officer at Capital One, UK London, England @AmyLenander  | LinkedIn Profile You’re Chief Marketing Officer at Capital One UK, but you started out with the bank in McLean, Virginia. How did you get tapped to join the UK team? I’ve worked at Capital One my whole career, and one of the main reasons I’ve stayed is that I continue to get to learn new things and take on different challenges. My experience in our…


Chris Cherewan

Startup Accelerator Program Manager at Wells Fargo Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota LinkedIn Profile  |  Wells Fargo Accelerator You grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. How did this shape you in your career? I seem to have inherited the drive, intelligence, risk taking, as wells as a ‘what could be’ take on nearly everything. I grew up as one of four children. I was the first born of the next generation in my family and a woman….

Rachel Barnes 2

Rachel Barnes

Global Innovations, Operational Efficiencies, and Diversity & Inclusion Programs Leader London, United Kingdom  LinkedIn Profile Your career in banking started out in recruiting, and ended up as head of transformation/innovation. How did your time in HR influence your views on how to best tackle system transformations? Although business transformation is perceived as organisation and processes, in reality it always comes down to inspiring the leaders and staff to motivate them to thrive and change. My…

Bianca Lopes 1

Bianca Lopes

Vice President Strategic Marketing & Global Alliances, BioConnect Toronto, Canada @biasmlopes | LinkedIn Profile Your career started in tech, transitioned to banking, and now you’re back on the tech side of financial services. What prompted the pivot? I think I always knew I wasn’t destined to work in one industry, the idea of being in a one track mind sort of race never appealed to me. When I look at my first jobs I worked…